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Friday, August 16, 2013

There is a small update on Tian Media Transfer

This time, Tian Media Transfer (TMT) is updated to version 1.1.0. It now is available for Nokia E6 users.

What is fixed? It's the cropping UI problem on Nokia E6.

You all who are using Symbian Belle phone can buy TMT at Nokia Store:

*To know what TMT is, you can read this article.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tian Media Transfer - Forget the wire

You are a camera enthusiast? Do you usually copy your photo/video to PC to edit and publish them?
I am a camera enthusiast too. So the questions I asked you above, of course, yes is my answer.
And when I need to do the copying job, it must be done by the help of USB cable/bluetooth/Online storage services like Dropbox... or the wireless method I list are too slow and inconvenient, the wire method needs a cable maybe not with you all the time.

I know there is an application called Dukto, it's a quick way to transfer your data to any devices installed Dukto client through WIFI. Just connect two devices to the same WIFI network and transfer is on the go. Dukto is a multi-platform application, it has client available on Windows/MacOS/Linux/Symbian/Android/iOS/BB10 and can be downloaded at http://www.msec.it/dukto. But on Symbian device, transfer some things like images/video is inconvenient because of file dialog picker. Start from that point, I begin to implement an application based on Dukto R6 - so that you can use it with any devices installed Dukto client, it is called Tian Media Transfer (TMT), specialised for tranferring media content easily. TMT works the same way as Dukto application.